Monday, July 12, 2010

Greater New York

i have still to go to see this exhibition at PS1, at this point i really want to go, it's an exhibition that is collecting some of the worst reviews i ever read, even worse than "Younger than Jesus" at the New Museum last year and worse of the last, completely useless, Whitney Biennial.
Nobody like these kind of exhibitions, mainly populated by installations, video projections and photography, but, curators are still insisting in propose this stuff as the best possible things that people, for some arcane reason, should learn to appreciate.

Lowdown magazine

I should have publish this post before, sorry,
maybe is still possible to find it in some library,
i got a very nice interview published on this German magazine based in Berlin
check it out!

Mural Painting

i have just published an article about "Mural Painting" on this contemporary art magazine,
i'm going to publish it soon also in this blog
I'm talking about how the different graffiti techniques are evolving toward a redefinition of muralism and public art

100 artists see Satan, again

if you are in LA, try to pass by to see this exhibition at CSUF in Santa Ana: 100 Artists see satan
i'm showing this Drawing among the works of other 99 interesting artists of the pop surrealist, street art movement.
there's a nice review of the exhibition on Hi Fructose website