Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Battle of the Brush: Bryant Park
70 W 40th St New York, NY
January 20 - February 2
Opening Reception January 20th 6pm

Battle of the Brush

In an attempt to playfully reconsider the historic painterly debate between realism and abstraction, "Battle of the Brush: A Civil Reenactment of Two Painterly States" draws upon Bryant Park's history as an encampment for soldiers during the Civil War. In using this little known historical fact about Bryant Park as a conceptual theme, the exhibition takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how one of the painting community's most persistent antagonists in the 20 century was itself; specifically, the aesthetic and ideological divide between realist and abstract painters. More than just a question of style, this polemic has historically symbolized the tension between tradition and innovation. One such example was the boycott of the metropolitan Museum's 1950 exhibition titled "American Painting Today – 1950" by eighteen abstract painters who claimed the show's jury was "hostile to advanced art." Their ardent opposition earned them the name 'Irascible Eighteen.' These days, we are much more civil than irascible. Therefore in the same way that Civil War Reenactors come together to imitate a moment in history when they stood apart, so too does this exhibition in order to reveal some of the more interesting directions realism and abstraction are being taken today.

Participating artists include:

REALISM REGIMENT: Alison Blickle, Tom Sanford, Nicola Verlato, and Eric White

ABSTRACT REGIMENT: Justin Adian, Anoka Faruqee, Patricia Treib, and Roger White


Arnhem, The Netherlands
29 January - 18 May, 2011
Opening Reception January 29th 3pm

The End of History.. and The Return of History Painting

The End of History... and the Return of History Painting references a long line of theories on "Ends of History" by thinkers such as Hegel, Kojeve and Fukuyama. InFukuyama's thesis "The End of History", 1989, he proclaimed the end of all ideological evolution and the world-wide triumph of liberal democracy. Departing from his thesis this exhibition analyzes the return of painting as both a consequence of a more conservative zeitgeist and as a response to historical events like September 11. Within this painting 'revival' there's a return among a group of artists, engaged in a critical analysis of today's society, to a kind of 'history painting'.

The artwork in The End of History... and the Return of History Painting reflects on the relationship between painting and our historical moment as well as investigating paintings' relationship to photography, video and television - the media that usurped its role as documenter of history.

Exbiting Artists:

Miguel Aguirre (Peru), Pablo Alonso (Spain/Germany), Matthias Koster (Germany), Ignacio Goitia (Spain), Ronald Ophuis (The Netherlands), Pedro Barbeito (USA), Tomas Espina (Argentina), Maryam Najd (Iran/Belgium), Nicola Verlato (Italy), Trevor Guthrie (Canada), Simeon Saiz (Spain), Pascal Danz (Switzerland), Gamaliel Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), Carlos Salazar (Colombia), Sandra Gamarra (Peru), Inaki Gracenea (Spain), Judy Sirks (Norway)


CSUF Grand Central Art Center
125 N Broadway Santa Ana, California
February 5 - April 17, 2011

Opening Reception 7-10pm
2nd Reception March 5th 7-10pm
Closing Reception April 3rd 7-10pm


Main Art Gallery Suggestivism features over fifty contemporary artists whose work is inherently ambiguous, and organic in process. Curator Nathan Spoor believes they follow the ideals of "Suggestivism." The term Suggestivism in art was first used in the late nineteenth century describing the organic process of making art, the loose mark-making, and the ambiguous narrative. Early modern art can be seen as examples of Suggestivism. However, Spoor's contemporary examples begin with the organic process and follow through with ambiguous narratives, but the artwork is tightly rendered, and illustrative.

Conceptually speaking, the term suggestivism refers to the ability of an individual to pursue their purpose with an amplified understanding and sensitivity. The artists involved represent precisely this - a wave of purpose, working within the more fluid aspects of narrative or figurative arenas. Through the mere power of suggestion, the magic is transferred from one to another, engaging the world at large from the most vivid and evocative of visual realms. - Nathan Spoor, Curator

Featured Artists: Esao Andrews, Carrie Ann Baade, Sandow Birk, Michael Brown, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Dave Cooper, Bob Dob, Thomas Doyle, Ron English, Alex Gross, Robert Hardgrave, Naoto Hattori, Femke Hiemstra, Gregory Jacobsen, Audrey Kawasaki, Andy Kehoe, Kris Kuksi, Darren LeGallo, Kris Lewis, Francesco LoCastro, Jason Maloney, Mars-1/Mario Martinez. Chris Mars, Dalek James Marshall, Dan May, Elizabeth McGrath, Jeff McMillan, Tara McPherson, Mia, David Molesky, Brendan Monroe, Scott Musgrove, Nathan Ota, Michael Page, Kevin Peterson, James Roper, Chris Ryniak, Bob chneider, Todd Schorr, Greg Simkins, Skinner, Jeff Soto, Nathan Spoor, CR Stecyk III, Heidi Taillefer, Joe Vaux, Nicola Verlato, Oliver Vernon, Eric White, Robin Williams, Martin Wittfooth, Chandler Wood, Chet Zar

Press Contact: Krystal Glasman. kglasman@fullerton.edu 714-567-7235



On January 28th I will be participating in Panel Discussion
about Pop Surrealism, with the participation of Jonathan LeVine
(of JonathanLevineGallery) and Julie Koegler (Curator and Art Critic)

My work will also be dislayed at the fair in the Bonelli Arte Galler

(Hall 18 Booth C-51 - B-54) and the Antonio Colombo Gallery

(Hall 15 Booth D-32).


February 12, 2011
Auction Preview: February 5-11, 2011
Post-Auction: February 13, 2011


Laguna Art Museum and Auction Chairs Sara Heeschen, Michele Monda, and Sarah Thorne-Markman invite you to celebrate Valentine's Day in style this year at Laguna Art Museum's annual Art Auction. This exciting event will feature works of art by premier California artists, with proceeds benefiting the education and exhibition programs at Laguna Art Museum.

This year's event will include delicious food courtesy of local restaurantsWatermarc and Pelican Hill, wine by Columbia Crest, an ice bar by Ketel One Vodka, floral design by Roger's Gardens, and live music. There will also be a fast-paced live auction as well as a silent auction during which guests will have the chance to mix and mingle with fellow collectors and artists.

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